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So, I wonder, my dear two readers, if it’d be interesting for you to read what happened in my life since the year 2007 fell on us… Well, as you might have guessed nothing interesting and I was like in some mental collapse. Partly due to half of the brain was loaded with WoW, and another part was fighting various kinds of reallife paranoias and phobias. So, I was like surviving through this snowless winter. There are good moments of course, I’m still alive and kicking, playing games, hangin with gf, etc. Speaking of games, the TBC hooked me rather seriously. My interest in WoW have revived and I’m now submerged in this goddamn virtual universe of eternal fight. I’m still pumping my main character fullpower, I was interested to look at two other new races also. I’ve created Blood Elf female mage and played with her a bit. Being a mage is rather funny, I like that ranged spells and all the other fancy stuff. As for the Outland itself, it’s very cool looking continent with funny quests, the game holds you with even more deadly grasp. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better (i.e. free) when I reach lvl70, now I’m like some drug addict trying to get to this level maniacally. No other games being played though, everything is abandoned for the sake of WoW. No new music either, not because I’m not interested in it, just because I’m still waiting for the big order to arrive. All in all, life still goes on, the winter finally became itself after some nice frostdemonstorms, and I’m going out of the city this weekend. If lucky, I’ll be able to get some frosty pictures, I’m afraid to freeze my camera though. Will see… PS. I feel that my site is rather dull now, no new pics, no new levels, just my useless rambles. Things needs to be changed in a good way though!

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  1. pope Says:

    keep your camera in your coat. pretty hard for it to just ‘freeze’ unless you leave it out , away from your body heat.

    also, as 50% of your reader base, I’d like to say “stop playing WoW!!!”

    that is all…

  2. ELEK Says:

    WOW is sucking the life out of Von, we must save him before he reaches level 70!

    Von, sell your character on eBay now!

  3. Vondur Says:

    well, since the camera is big like child’s head it’s hard to keep it under the coat though… i’ll see, hopefully -5C isn’t that cold for it.

    as for the wow…. sigh… what can i do?

  4. neg|ke Says:

    fight fire with fire: play some other mmorpg. eg. guild wars
    or at least make use of your addiction in a creative way: go map stealing architecture from wow.
    gl with getting clean. :)

  5. Vondur Says:

    ehheh neg!ke, thanks. well actually i tried eve online, but that game is even more geeky than wow…. well dunno, why bother switching to the other game if this one delivers everything u need? ;)

  6. Pauk Says:

    As some unknown percentage of your reader base, I say “PLAY MORE WOW”!

  7. RPG Says:

    Von, I think solfall2 would be a proper fix for your site.

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