Entering the New Year

Well, following the trend of changing the site’ look I decided to alter color scheme to something even more dull. Hope people won’t persuade me to change it back. Also I decided to use caps again. And that’s about it regarding the site news.

As for me, well I did nothing during my winter holidays. Nothing I say! There was funny event 27th December though: the concert of Deutsch Nepal. As expected, Lina was even more drunk this time. The show turned to be some alco-eroto funfest (considering the program is titled Erotikon). Where Lina abandoned the scene several times to get some beer or just relax in the WC. Still the new program is interesting in terms of music, Deutsch Nepal still develops further and doesn’t stagnate which is good, the only worrying thing is Lina’s health ;)

No new games been played, there was just hard instancing in WoW. Speaking of evil, there gonna be addon released soon, I’m afraid my mind might get dissolved there… I keep faith I’ll pull through it though.

Concluding the update, some words about the weather: I’ve never seen such boring winter in my life here in Moscow! There was so little snow and the temperature was constantly around zero and most of the time it was above zero! WTF? Is it Russia or what? Seems like the planet goes offline soo,n I tell ya!

3 Responses to “Entering the New Year”

  1. pope Says:

    looks good v
    one request, lighten the text as it is hard to read on darker screens. my tv in this case! please think of your wii-readers!!

  2. pope Says:

    ps. my blog changed too! it’s not ag sexy as puaks’ tho. :(

  3. Vondur Says:

    1. will think about the color scheme yet. maybe will change this one
    2. fixed that. was my bad c’n’p

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