Modern american literature

Well, I’ve just finished this weird book of Poppy Z. Brite titled “Exquisite Corpse”. Hmm, it’s rather controversial. From one point it’s disgusting because it describes acts so bloody awful that I thought WTF with this author. But from the other side such books attract attention of public and might force them to review their look at hidden parts of life, or just plain open their eyes. But I’m not sure it’s gonna have some effect. It could, but on the people who’s able to read this and these people know dark side of life by default already. So, the bottomline of my rant is that I don’t really see any point writing such grindcore books. If one feels gory or perverse, he can just listen to some goregrind music or just watch goddamn news on TV and relax a bit that way. No point wasting time reading about perverts and their problems in detail…

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