Pre-xmas joy

tok002_l3.jpgWell, things started to be material here. First, I’ve ordered this watches from Japan out of sudden. Got them week after I clicked on ‘checkout’ and now feel like I’m ‘Moon Base Commander from 60’s sci-fi classic’. They’re really fun and make people around wondering what the heck is the device I’m wearing on my wrist. Some of them think I’m mad and developing some conspiracy against them using some weird electronic devices.

Next, I went and bought Syncmaster 215TW 21″ LCD monitor and now enjoying games at 1600x1050px resolution. Nice monitor in all aspects: colors, brightness and performance. I’ve read a lot of reviews before buying this one and I’m not disappointed by the final decision ;)

And the last bit was that 2K Games and 3D Realms were the people of the word and I’ve got my box of Prey after all the hassle with Triton and Steam. It’s good to have the game on Steam for fast updates and I was pretty satisfied by the Steam version. But now I’m oversatisfied and very happy after receiving boxed version of the game. The actions of 2K and 3Drealms are exemplary. Their user support is what it should be everywhere by default!

5 Responses to “Pre-xmas joy”

  1. Bal Says:

    I will always call you Moon Base Commander Vondur now!
    You bastard, went and bought the screen I wanted before me! I’ll try to go get one this weekend…

  2. Vondur Says:

    hehe, bal. thanks for vanishing my doubts regarding this monitor tho. i was puzzled when choosing one…

  3. Gom Jabbar Says:

    Nice watch, nice monitor… Did you win in the lottery or did you just manage to sell some old plutonium to capitalistic countries?

  4. Vondur Says:

    heheeh, well i just work hard and get some additional gold

  5. Pauk Says:

    I am most disappointed Mr. Vondur. I see no Christmas blog theme :D

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