Terra Incendium

Been at the long awaited dark ambient show yesterday. It was entitled “Terra Incendium” and represented projects from the german Loki Foundation label such as: Inade, Land:Fire and Herbst9. Well, if you followed my music reviews you could notice that two of these three bands are my favorites in the dark ambient area. I’m going to write little review of the concert, read it below:


The first project was Land:Fire with their live program they perform these times. It’s available on already deleted bootleg “Live at Sonic Lodge”. The music is dedicated to nuclear tests. landfire.jpgIt’s proper dronenoise with industrial feel. I was told that the video was based on the Atomic Cafe movie. Rather powerful and energetic music. It was great beginning of the show. Also I managed to buy that bootleg and now enjoying it greatly.

Second was long awaited Inade with their cosmic sounds. They performed tracks as from their latest Samadhi State, older Crackling of the Anonymous and more older stuff. As usual Inade proved themselves very powerful and interesting ambient. Multilayered sound with rhythmic base created interesting meditative atmosphere. As it was back in 2001 when I last been on their show, Inade just improved further since then.

And the last project was the most interesting for me Herbst9. Their program used tracks from their latest Buried Under Sands and Time album and others. It’s dark ancient ritualistic ambient, where u immerse yourself in the dark aeons of Babylonian empire. The distinctive feature of their performance was that they use live drummer, which just adds more powerful ritualistic sound to their music. Herbst9 proved to be one of the most interesting bands of the fest.

And of course I took some pictures. You can find some here. Remember though, that there were very complex conditions for the shooting. It was very dark there, and artists didn’t use much light on the stage. So bear with that :)

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