Swedish industrial

battle.jpgTwo new items have arrived to me yesterday. First one is recently discovered and loved from the first glance MZ.412“Nordik Battle Signs”. This one is very good black satanic industrial. Good thing I decided to get it in mp3 form just to see what it is like. Loved it instantly. It sounds rather harsh and evil, usage of distorted guitar adds that black metal feel to it. Also WWII and other military samples add that sinister industrial feel like on Toroidh releases. Very nice album!bock.jpg

Second goes recently released new Bocksholm album – “The Haunting Curse of Skogs-Sara”. Released on some obscure polish label with hardly pronounceable name Wrotycz Records it features a bit different sound if to compare with older releases. It’s less harsch and iron but more ambient and even rhythmic in places, but there’s still that trademark cold and cruel Bocksholm sound. I liked some lengthy trancy tracks there as well. Very good and interesting release. Recommended for industrial fans.

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