So here it’s new hardware

nikonlogo_i.gifAfter long time spent on the photoforums and reading Phil Askey’s full review of Canon 400D I decided what camera to buy… It is Nikon D80. So I went and did it. Now I’m proud owner of this uber complex piece of japanese hardware. I promised pics as I get new camera but it turned that to get proper images I’m pleased with I have to spend some time learning how to use this camera. It’s not that easy as one might think. The possibilities are endless there… It’s like Photoshop which looks simple at the first glance but has vast number of tricks hidden and useable after some time spent on it. So, you just take some patience while I’m taking my time developing my SLR camera skills to deliver you new pictures.

3 Responses to “So here it’s new hardware”

  1. Bal Says:

    Ooooh, lucky bastid! =)
    Looks like a great camera.

  2. Vondur Says:

    thanks! now i’ll fight against two time eating demons simultaneously, wow and nikon :D

  3. pope Says:

    well, if I make 1 phonecall and cancel your credit card account, surely we can save you from some WoW?

    also vancouver shirt pics asap!

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