Further down the autumn

Well, alot of time have passed since the last update and I have nothing to do at work at the moment so here’s an update. From the last major news there’s this one: I’ve sold my old camera and now sitting without one looking as the awesome looking rusty October passes by. This is unbearable. I cannot get a new one just because Canon are too slow and didn’t fill the stores yet. I’m afraid to miss yellow/red trees pics this year completely. From the other not so important news is that I’m still playing WoW and enjoying it, but afraid not! I’m not its slave and have proper real life. It’s just that I don’t play other games for the time being and concentrated on leveling. I’m starting to hate some design aspects there, but it’s still the same addictive madness. Also, google seems taken the planet over and now have user photo album here. I decided to fill it with hi res screens of some of my levels so far, just for the testing purposes. I tell you, this is very fast and comfortable way to store pics online. Maybe not for your main album but for some silly fast pics you never know where to upload every time you want to show them to someone. So that’s it, hopefully next time I update this site I’ll have some new pics I made with my new camera :)

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