Thrones Turned To Rust

The spring has come and it brings fresh blood: SUNN O))) & Ulver – “Terrestrials” LP, pack from Invictus ProductionsCruciamentum – “Engulfed In Desolation” LP, Cruciamentum / Vasaeleth – “Eroding Chaos Unto Ascendant Flesh” 7″, and bunch of cassettes (new old media for me, I’m delving deeper into underground it seems): Malthusian MMXII, Sheol – Promo MMXIII, Noxius Nex – Venenum, Nexwomb – Militant Heretic Aggression.

Oh and small addition to all this is 3 CDs of Beherit I decided to buy from Kvlt just because they reissued awesome Beherit side project Suuri Shamaani – “Mysteerien Maailma”, the Beherit ones are compilation of the old stuff I had to buy ages ago but bothered only now: “Beast Of Beherit – Complete Worxxx”, “H418ov21.C / Electric Doom Synthesis” (though I have original “Electric Doom Synthesis” on CD), “At The Devil’s Studio 1990”.




malthusian sheol

noxius nexwomb





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