Moon Eclipse

(Just was unable to mind out the news title, but really, there was moon eclipse several days ago). Anyway, this is general updabe about nothing. I’m playing WoW almost every night last two weeks and I’m now 21th level. Well, there are as addictive as boring moments but I must say that the game is perfectly designed in all aspects. Addictive moments are the atmosphere of the game, the levelup process, quest completion, interaction with the others, etc. And there’s one real boring moment, it’s to overcome those huge ranges between towns and villages or returning to your miserable corpse. But I can understand designers here, this is major time sucking thing and they make money using players’ time. So it’s ok in terms of money pumping. Nothing new on the music side, though I’m expecting some CDs from Coldspring and I’m selling out my d’n’b collection as I don’t listen to d’n’b these times at all and I just don’t have space for all the 600 cds I gathered through the years, so I’m just obliged to ditch some dusty ones.

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  1. Speed Says:

    there were heavy clouds on the day of moon eclipse and we couldnt see shit $(

    send me some old d`n`b :)

  2. Vondur Says:

    send? u mean cds? i bet u joking huh? ;)

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