The rest was too short

Yea, two weeks of my vacation have passed like one second, but I feel refreshed and ready to make goddamned games again. During the vac I’ve finished Locoroco game which turned to be quite simple but brains relaxing and Metal Gear Acid 2 which impressed me beyond reality. What a well designed game! Everything from the graphics to little gamedesign elements is well thought of and works like a charm. Gameplay is balanced and yet unpredicted due to the card system there. You have to use your brains to reach the goals. The possibilities of gameplay situations are vast and it forces you to replay this game. Speaking of replay value the game has giant potential here. As you finish the stage you can replay it with 4-6 new tasks not connected with the story. And the story is plain awesome, japanese knows their business and made unpredicted and immersive story with interesting bosses, unexpected ending and all. I strongly recomend you this game if you own PSP and want to wrestle your head messing with cards and tactic situations. Now I’m thinking about getting MGA1 ;)
And as a little bonus I have some images for you. Proceed to the gallery and enjoy them.


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  1. Ionous Says:

    If you found the story for MGA2 captivating, you should definetly check out the Metal Gear Solid for PS1, and Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 for PS2, some of the most amazing stuff i’ve ever seen brought to the video game world, in terms of writing and storyline.

  2. Vondur Says:

    hmm the problem is that i don’t have any other console other than psp at home, so i just have to sit and weep silently because i cannot play those great games ;)

  3. Ionous Says:

    My deepest sympathies. Though once PS3 comes out, you could probably get a PS2 for extremely short money and be able to play those great games.

  4. Vondur Says:

    yea, i hope so :) though, maybe i’ll buy ps3 afterall and will be able to buy as new as old ps2 games as promised in specs… if its price won’t scare me away ;)

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