logo.jpgFinally got this funny game. Started playing it right away in the subways on my way home and nearly missed my station :) This is damn addictive, cute looking and sounding japanese 2D platformer. It’s all so round and soft and bouncy you cannot stop playing it. The game features several worlds you have to save and there’s also 3 minigames which aren’t available from the beginning – you’ll have to play some time to get access to them. There’s little cute thing which improves replay value of the game – building LocoRoco house. As you play you collect items for the LocoHouse, so if you gathered alot of them you can stuff your house with alot of furniture. Speaking of replay value, the game is full of secrets which aren’t that easy to find, so as you look at the statistics screen after completing the mission you realise you missed 1/3 of the level, so there’s urge to replay it and gather everything. If you haven’t tried official demo which is available for download off the game’ site I recomend you doing that ASAP and get hooked instantly ;)

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