Summer at its peak

mga2.jpgWell, this summer went frenzy. The heat in Moscow and suburbs is about 30C and there’s no place to hide. The only time you can relax is nights spent out of the city and in the woods. Good thing this is friday today and I’m going to the woods again to have some rest from the city hell. From the other news, I’ve bought Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP and enjoying it alot. This game is turn based sci-fi tactics game. I’m new to the series and don’t know all the twists of the story but nevermind, this game is full of texts and turns me to the ‘what comes next?’ mode with the every finished mission. Also I liked the card system there, it adds alot of randomness to the process which is good and also I liked special cel shading look of the gfx there – very stylish. And the last thing I’d like to spot is the sound which is very well done for the PSP system. The other game I’m hooked by at the moment is Prey. I’m really impressed and love this game to the bits, I’ll write some thoughts on it later as I finish it.

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