prey.jpgPlayed Prey demo yesterday and was hugely impressed. This is the game I dreamed about: unique setting, soryline and never before seen gameplay. That antigravity paths are disorienting in a fun way, they reminded me good old Descent game which I was big fan of. Speaking about good oldness this game is real oldskool in terms of approach to interesting gameplay situations, cool sinister alien atmosphere and innovations made to Doom 3 engine. I’m definitely buying the game when it ships!

4 Responses to “Prey”

  1. pope Says:

    and indians… don’t forget indians!

    n8iv pr7de 4 lyfe!

  2. Vondur Says:

    yea, good that they added indians and talons and what forth :)

  3. Bal Says:

    What I like most about the gravity stuff, is how they went all the way with it, as in, how it seems the whole space station is a giant gravity mess, aliens running on walls and shit everywhere you go, has a slight escheresque feel to it (made even stronger with those teleporters).
    It’s hard to walk on those gravity paths and not want to move your mouse to follow the exptected gravity change at first, hehe. =)

    So yeah, I dig it too, can’t wait for full game =)

  4. Vondur Says:

    yea i liked gravity mess feel too, it was made properly :)
    yet how they played with scales (that planet in the aquarium was nice)

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