New music

semen.jpgGot trio of the new evilness recenlty. First one is interesting collaborative project of Nordvargr and Hentai entitled “Semen”. This is very good mix of Nordvargr black ambient sounds and Hentai’s power electronics with some pseudo-erotic background. Sinister techno noises, deep basses and weird humanoid sounds create unsettling atmosphere. Worthy release of evil danish Hentai Vital label. And good to know Nordvargr still produces interesting things.

GustafprimordialBig.jpgSecond CD is from the good old canadian Cyclic Law label. This time it’s Gustav Hildebrand with the album “Primordial Resonance”. This one is good “standard” cosmic dark ambient in Lustmord’s vein. Nothing special, but good for the fans of such type of ambient.

combative.jpgAnd third CD came unexpected. I didn’t order it but my supplier gave it to me to pre-listen and I liked it. This is Combatant Alignment’s CD – “… and outside glows the red dawn”. This is Malignant Records release and first CD release of the project, initially they released their vinyls on Loki and Eternal Soul. This is good pulsating or maybe ritualistic drone ambient with industrial touch. It comes with bonus CD which is also good but sounds more minimal.

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