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dt_old.jpgFinally got latest Darkthrone CDs, including mini CD ‘Too Old Too Cold’. Also, I’ve ordered alot of new music from the mailorders of Coldspring and Coldmeat. For example: New Risen Throne, MZ.412, Nordvargr vs Hentai, Control, old BDN cd – Greatest Death which I still don’t have for some weird reason and more dark ambient and power electonics music. So, hopefully, the beginning of the summer will be hued with black if everything arrives in time :)
In addition to that I’m now hooked by grindcore out of a sudden. This trend lasts for about two months now. I’m not going to buy CDs though but I leech it furiously. From all the grindcore bands I’ve downloaded (about 100) only 5-10 of them are real gems. This music is like pulp fiction, you have to dig for quite some time to find proper music in this stinking gory pile :)

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