Sin Episode 1

sin1.jpgWell, played this game almost till the end yesterday. Good game and I think it’s worth its money. Some people think opposite though. At first, I liked hi-tech atmosphere there and the warm evening lighting outside. The looks almost identical to HL2 and I wouldn’t say they’re plainer or worse. It’s different. Gameplay. It’s different either, I wouldn’t compare Sin and HL2. There are nice satisfying combats with hostiles where they send reinforcements till you capture the room they appear from, flying troops are fun to play with as well. I liked that there’s not much weapons, you just concentrate on proceeding and plain shooting. The new thing with the healer units where you have to gather health bottles and insert them into the healer is rather good gameplay turn. There are other things I liked (boobs anyone?) but i won’t spoil them. The most important is that this game didn’t seem to bother me and kept me tied to the screen till I fell asleep due to the late time. I’m looking forward playing second episode.

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  1. Pauk Says:

    Hmmm.. how many hours play was it then? Can’t be that much if you finished it in an evening!

  2. Vondur Says:

    yeah, it’s something about 3-4 hours.

  3. Pauk Says:

    I suppose $20 / 12 quid is pretty good for 3 to 4 hours entertainment. Going to the cinema is easy that amount and you get less.

  4. Vondur Says:

    yeah! it’s quite nice, esp if u managed to buy it with the discount for 17usds. I dunno why daz is whining (on the func_). this is a great game and worth its money.

  5. Pauk Says:

    Sigh, kids. Well I’ve told him what I think :D

  6. Spirit Says:

    I just took a peak inside and did not really like it so far. May be my crappy computer though, since everyone an effect “happens” or enemies died the game freezes for about half a second. The visuals are very nice (the lighthouse looks fantastic!). What I did not like so far was that I often felt that certain effects/models were just placed to show how “cool” the physics are, eg the trainrail(?) and some crates. And I HATE games that need to load every 5 minutes or even worse every 2 minutes. :(

    Anyways, I will play through this I think ;)

  7. Vondur Says:

    spirit, werd. it works smooth here, though i have pumped computer. and i didn’t notice there were objects that were placed to show cool physics, in fact, i think there’s not enough physics usage comparing with hl2.

    i’ve just spend second evning with the game and still playing it, it turnd the game lasts about 6 hours in fact. though i’ve difficulty to hard. sin rocks! funny straight gamplay with intense combats, what else you need?

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