Daxter for PSP

daxter.jpgI’ve bought this game recently and in the middle of it at the moment. This is amazing game! Scores on all the review sites didn’t fail me and this game is really worth its money. Excellent level design, variety in settings, cool overall gfx and of course fun and inventive gameplay makes this game very addictive. Sometimes it isn’t obvious that you have to use some things that are part of the environment for you to proceed, but as you discover that, this is pure pleasure. It really feels adventurous :) Apart from the main gameplay there’s alot of minigames when Daxter is sleeping on his bed. You enter dream mode and there’s number of minigames that get unlocked with time. Every minigame represents popular movies like Matrix and LOTR and what forth. Daxter imagines himself as main heroes of those movies. Apart from the dream minigames there’s bug arena which is like some kind of bug fighting. When you walk in the game you can find special boosts for your warrior bugs for that minigame exclusively. Also there’s that shiny eggs you have to gather and get scores, this is good old way for replayability. All in all, excellent puzzle adventure game with cool characters and gameplay!

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