Silly reviews etc.

After making second video of one of my fave tracks I got an idea about reviving mini reviews on my site. Before degrading to current state of the posts I was writing one-two sentence reviews of the records I’m bying. But now I decided to revive that but only for vinyl releases and all the words gonna reduce to just one video of selected track. Music reviews suck by default, what could explain music or certain album better than music itself? So if Google won’t delete my videos due to some shitty restrictions I’ll try keeping this trend. В At least this little site will have some entertain value ;)

And here are the videos. Latest one is Ride For Revenge with the album “The King Of Snakes”, and another one is from black&%white vinyl re-issue of Hooded Menace’s “Never Cross The Dead”. We’ll see how long this trend will last, depends on my inspiration mostly I think.

Note: all sound recorded during filming from these vinyls.

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