Symphony for the Devil

Got the DVD afterall. Well it’s good for the Type O fan like me. There’s show in germany, home video footage inbetween the songs and never before seen interview with them. This time good old Type O showed themselves as mad dudes who produce silly shit jokes constantly. The footage shows tourbus madness mostly and other no less mad things. And the interview is rather crazy, interviewer (nice girl) cannot keep it properly because Type O spoils all her questions with their non stop joking. Overall, good dvd for the fans, shows the band from their low sides but proves they’re still kicking and fun :)

4 Responses to “Symphony for the Devil”

  1. Bal Says:

    I want the new album and a concert in Paris! >___

  2. Vondur Says:

    well, new album is expected this fall, they’re going to record it this spring. and i don’t think concert in paris is much different from the german one :)

  3. Bal Says:

    Bah seeing a concert on DVD is nothing compared to seeing it for real. =)

  4. Vondur Says:

    oh that’s for sure :)

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