Lurking In The Catacombs

Just got another package directly from Lasse PyykkГ¶ without actually starting to wait. This time post proved it can act fast sometimes. In the package was the rest what Lasse’s Bigcartel store could offer: his uber old death metal band Phlegethon’s 2CD compilation “Drifting in the Crypt” containing old and new stuff. His death metal band Claws album “Absorbed In The Nethervoid” which sounds like Hooded Menace on speed which cannot be bad. And nice Claws/Grave Wax split “Pestilent Formation” containing 4 tracks of oldskool death metal. Also, I’ve got second Hooded Menace CD “Fulfill The Curse”. You may wander if I’m mad or something. Yes I am, I just love Doomentia records editions so I decided to get this one too :)

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