Sect Of Swords

Just one day have passed since the celebration of the last packageВ arrivalВ and I wasВ surprisedВ to discover 3 more packs of goodness in the postbox today! This is the week of vinyl rains! Two New Zealand’s most brutal death metal bands have arrived: Witchrist and Diocletian. Two vinyls from Southern Lord: newest Earth album (second part of dilogy) and reissue of classic SUNN O))) “Г?Г? Void” album. And finally, I’ve got TGWTDT 3CD box. I wasn’t interested in the latest albums of Trent Reznor lately, but this OST proved to be worthy because it has no modern silly guitar NIN stuff, but nice atmospheric ambient tracks, some of them are in the vein of Quake which cannot be bad.

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