Burnout Legends

burnoutlegends.jpgGot this game recently. Played as singleplayer as multi with people at work via wifi. Well this one is very much like NFSMW but it has its own fun bit. This bit is the possibility to destroy competing cars by pushing them off the road to the borders. They can do the same to your car. As soon as you crash you loose precious time and distance. So you have to make hard things to gain nitro acceleration by perforeming extra things like driving on the opposite side of the road, making cool drifting turns, etc. This game is actually qute addictive and has nice gfx. If you like racing games and got psp this game is good addition to your collection, especially if you got friends with psp and this game so you can play it via wifi and have alot of fun :)

3 Responses to “Burnout Legends”

  1. Pauk Says:

    I’ve had a quick go on it and its not bad. I’ve yet to master the PSP controls though. I think Jay’s got it so I may have to borrow it :)

  2. pope Says:

    I enjoy the burnout series a lot. But owning only a gamecube I wasn’t allowed to play part 3. :(

    this made pope sad as it’s encouragement of reckless driving was well done I think.

    (also crash modes are a lot of fun with a friend and a few drinks trading the controller like the old days)

  3. Pauk Says:

    Pope, theres a 4 as well, Burnout Revenge. Actually Burnout 3 has the best crash modes, they aren’t as fun in 4.

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