Type O Negative news

Splashdevil[1].jpg There’s fresh and rather interesting interview with Peter Steele of Type O Negative on KNAC.COM. I liked this bit in particular:

KNAC.COM: Did you get any snow?

STEELE: It’s snowing as we speak, yeah. Well, we got, you know, plenty a couple of weeks ago. That was remarkable, I had shoveled four times at like, 5 O’clock in the morning. I was in my Russian military uniform, which, of course, the neighbors get a really big kick out of. I mean, they won’t even come out of the house when I’m outside, shoveling, in the crazy uniforms that I wear.

There will be new dvd “Symphony for the Devil” released soon (or it just got released) it’ll feature live in Germany and alot of footage “home video”. I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can enjoy TON’s mad humour and the mountain of a man Peter himself performing live :)

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