Winter Q1SP Map Pack 2005-2006

fitz0013.jpg Zwiffle and Hrimfaxi just released awesome map pack with two maps in it! The pack must be started within the Quoth mod. The first level (teacup) is made by Zwiffle out of scrapmaps by czg. This level uses arabian set by Iikka and has good gameplay and some nice interesting designs. But the second level (egypt) is just awesome! The initial brushwork is done by Drew and Hrimfaxi have finished it. It uses my favourite Dissolution of Eternity egypt textureset and has vast designs with waterfalls, high and big structures, proper Quake atmosphere and other interesting ideas. The official discussion goes at the ever slow and b0rked func, you’ll find screenshots there as well. Very well done level! Every Quake fan must play this pack NOW!

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