Re-entering Darkthrone

darkthrone.jpgThis is actually rather long story. It all began back in 1994 when I got to listen to Darkthrone on the cassette. I was hooked by the rawness and coldness of the sound and became a real fan of this band gathering all their records. My journey through the black metal realm was rather long and lasted for like 6 years. Somewhere around 1999-2000 real black metal ceased to exist in my opinion, new bands spoiled the scene and I didn’t listen to the new albums of the old black metal bands, thinking they got the trend plague too and melted. I’ve abandoned black metal back then because there was nothing new and honest. But my opinion have changed recently as I got to listen to the mp3s of the latest Darkthrone’s album – The Cult is Alive. I was kinda impressed! Darkthrone managed to breathe new air into their sound. The album sounds fresh and evil at the same time. Darkthrone is the only real black metal band these days I must say, even though they call their music “evil rock”, they’re still gods. And I was wrong forgetting them. But it’s better to wait and get your mind ready for the new than abandon them completely. I’ve relistened all the albums I missed during these non-black metal years of mine and going to buy them all now. The Cult is Alive somewhat returned that ’94 feeling into my heart and I’m glad that the Darkthrone still blasts the world with their music. Hail Darkthrone!

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  2. Tatonka Says:

    Hi Vondur :-D

    its been soooooo long.
    Good to see that you’re still to trve metal to be trve :-D

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