Night Of The Deathcult

Hooded Menace“Never Cross The Dead”. I was waiting for this album for ever, it got stuck at distributor for some weird reason. But the time has come! I can finally submerge into the darkest and heaviest riffs from Finland. I discovered this band on the interwebs when hunting for the new doom music. It was praised all over the place, so I didn’t wait long and downloaded it to check. And it turned to be rather quality doom metal in oldskool vein, the type I like the most. So the CD was instantly ordered and I had to suffer without it waiting for it.

The next two CDs are from the russian label 7Hz Records. Uedineniya – “Red Meridian” is ambient inspired by the old 8mm movie found in the old garage. Movie is a diary of one of the many russian polar expeditions. It reflects the cold, monotonous and hard work of those days. Rather nice cold spacious ambient. Good touch of the release is that they included the movie itself on a second CD.

Inorganic Blossoming – “Autumndrones”. This is autumn ambient. The recording of this album took place only during autumn times so it took several years to complete it. The music itself is field recordings of autumn nature, there’re some processed classic instruments as well. All this gives music certain warmth, typical for the calm autumn day. Where you can hear falling leaves in the forest and dying Sun shines through the half naked trees.

My Dying Bride“The Barghest В O’ Whitby”. Got CD this weekend! This is the latest opus of my favourite doom metal band. This time it’s one 27 min track telling the story about the monstrous dog, posessed by the demon. I liked vocal change on this album, it feels a bit processed, but in a proper whicked way. Slow places remind of Turn Loose The Swans era and fast ones are pretty much trademark with proper growling. All in all rather nice EP.

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