The Algebraist

jsf10.jpgStarted reading The Algebraist today. Going to enjoy it as Iain Banks never failed my expectations, considering the things happen in the far future of 4034AD where humans explored alot in our Galaxy. And in this story the action takes place on the small planet moon that orbits around gas giant that obscures almost entire sky of that small planet. The previous Banks’ book I read was Excession, the 4th Culture novel. This one was rather epic novel with giant ships, vast timescale and good plot. As with Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space series I’m obliged to get all the Culture novels of Banks. These two britts satisfy my science-fiction hunger quite properly i must admit.

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  1. Bal Says:

    Yay for Banks!
    You’ll see, this one is a nice, a bit different than his previous scifi books though, and no culture this time. I wonder if he is wrigint a fiction or sci-fi book at the moment…

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