Rubbish CG 202

Just clarifying for my 2 readers that I’m now using random track titles from the albums for my silly micro review posts as I’m out of ideas for them for quite some time now. This time it’s from the newest Gallhammer album “The End” that was released 9th May on Peaceville and which I happily discovered in my mailbox on the way to work. The band reduced to duo on this album as one girl left this awesome japanese band to concentrate on her other project. Despite the band has less girls now the music didn’t become less dark.В It’s even more raw and primitive now with the sameВ psychedelicВ touch and nice lo-fi sound. Proper dark rock!

Second CD that didn’t get to last update but was hastily obtained after I became fanatic of Triptykon is “Shatter” EP. It features 2 full tracks which are continuation of the main album. There’re also 2 live tracks one of which features vocals of Nocturno Culto. Rather nice little gem of an EP.

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  1. jesse Says:

    you have readers?

  2. Vondur Says:

    At least you, Jesse! I am sure there’s another one.

  3. Ilya Says:

    Definitely we are here, the readers and followers!
    No doubts! How dare you!

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