Sonic overflow

zoetrope.jpgI’m going to go bankrupt soon as I’ve got unexpected music package and it’s rather big! It’s full of the long awaited and awesome titles. The first one is eternally awaited Lustmord’s “Zoetrope” movie. It was shoot back in 2000 but got to the DVD in 2005. This is short experimental movie which is based on Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony” story where the man is keeping in the dark cell and being tortured by the “nameless sadistic bureaucrat”. It’s black and white industrial trip spiced with deep Lustmord’s sounds. Highly recommended.

control-thecleansing.jpgSecond CD is Control“The Cleansing”. As expected it turned to be rather quality power electronics. It’s even more volumetric work than the other Control’s CD I have – “Affliction”. I wish Thomas Garrison visits Moscow again in the future. I really liked his live performance here. The noise is complex, industrial and dead.

shpbanner.jpgThird CD is rather interesting power electronics Steel Hook Prostheses with the album “Light Reflected from a Cold Cutting Table”, influenced by medical atrocities and crude surgical procedures. This album was mastered by the abovementioned Thomas Garrison and you can tell it. Good PE album which locks you into the sinister atmosphere of some evil surgery and from where there is no escape. You just see that gleaming cutting table and the fresh blood drops on it.

ND-infinitas.jpgThe next couple of CDs is from the good old Cyclic Law Records. As you can see I’m getting almost all the released of the label avoiding martial ones, I’m not big fan of martial industrial except Der Blutharsch. Anyway, the first CD is the Nordvargr/Drakh“Infinitas in Aeternum”. This album is in true Nordvargr style. Proper dark ambient background with occasional voices and distorted guitars. Sometimes the music goes to the deep space, sometimes to the dark woods as you hear wolf’s howling. Distorted guitars adds black forest atmosphere which just makes my heart jump out of joy. The artwork of the album defines atmosphere greatly. I’m not sure about the inverted colors there though, but that’s just me. Good album where you can hear true Nordvargr blended with Cyclic Law trademark sound.

Kammarheit-FRONT.jpgAnd the second CD is from the proper norwegian act – Kammarheit with the album “The Starwheel”. Well, this cd is a bit different from the others released on Cyclic Law before. There are more details and more variety in sound but still, the bleak atmosphere is still there. The artwork of the CD creates proper mood and forces me to remember autumn forests and the mountains I’ve never seen… Sad and cold album…

loki40_news.jpgAnd the last but not least goes the last (literally, because the project is ended in 2003 unfortunately) album of my favourite dark ambient act Predominance with the double CD – “Dark stars unfolding”. As ever, released on Loki Foundation label, this cd is a collection of the old works from the rare vinyl and MC releases on one cd and live performances on the other. Dark, pulsating ambient with chanting vocals creates ancient cosmic atmosphere. Some tracks are more industrial and military, their titles speak for themselves: Thermonuclear Winter, …After the Holocaustwinds, etc. It’s proper release for the Predominance fans. It’s real pity Gerd Zaunig decided to quit, but maybe it’s better to end in time and have a collection of proper material rather than produce soulles music. At least I can be proud I seen him performing live here in Moscow back in 2001.

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  1. Gom Jabbar Says:

    What’s up with all those unexpected packages you receive lately?

  2. Vondur Says:

    well, the matter is that I ordered them long ago. and didn’t know exact date of the arrival. it’s not your clear amazon orders where you know exactly when it arrives. I order it via my pal who has connexions and channels of getting stuff, hence absolute lack of knowledge when music arrives. oh, and sometimes the delivery time is like 1 year, but that applies for rare music fortunately.

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