Endless boasting

psp2.jpg I’ve bought PSP afterall… After the long debates with myself either to buy PSP or iPod, I decided on PSP. There’s not only music but games and video. I listen to music in player walking to work and back home, all the other time player just lies and does nothing. With PSP it’s gonna be different. It has more uses. I won’t tell you how cool it feels in hands and how awesome its screen and graphics is – internet is full of praising words. Before bying it I browsed alot of game review sites and found out that the good games started appearing on the horizon. The first game of choice was Tokobot. I didn’t want to buy some mainstream racing game because I can borrow one at work. I wanted to get some relaxing puzzle game and found this one. It’s not only puzzle, you can call it action as well, because you actually have to fight and destroy things there to win. Also I liked the idea of the little robots running around the hero and how they help him to achieve goals jointing together and performing various acrobatic moves. Very well done gamedesign there I must admit. I’d recomend this game anyone who has PSP. So, I’m looking forward getting other games in the future and there’s alot of really interesting titles soon to be released or available already.

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