Only Death is Real

Looks like this spring gonna be really heavy and dark due to death / black metal overload. Being under influence of “Death Rituals” album I went to the store for more SFU stuff. I’ve got almost entire discography of SFU off torrents toВ familiarizeВ with their music, and liked their latest work more than early stuff. So I bought previous album too, it’s called “Commandment”. It’s the same proper stuff I’m gonna listen to alot. I probably will not gather their entire discography as earlier work didn’t do it for me. But I decided to buy expensive box set “A Decade In The Grave”. It features 2 CDs of the best stuff, some live and very old recordings. Also there’s DVD full of live footage and videos. So I think I’m pretty much equipped by SFU by now.

Since I re-discovered awesome vocals of Chris Barnes I decided to buy a CD of Torture Killer“Swarm!” too. It’s finnish band but produced by Barnes and features his vocals. It’s more in general vein of death metal. All tracks are kinda even, but still one can feel the touch of death master there.

Next album I noticed yesterday in the store and was unable to miss is Triptykon“Eparistera Diamones”. This is next project of Thomas G. Warrior of Celtic Frost. This is massive work with music varied from fast to slow andВ majestic with heavy riffs and awesome atmosphere. What took my attention as well is awesome design of digipack featuring H.R.Giger’s work “Vlad Tepes”. All in all, classic album in all aspects. Now I need to get accompanying EP “Shatter”.

On top of all this I’ve got little package from Peaceville with old evil music! The most classic from it all is Mayhem“Live in Lepzig”. I had it on cassette back in 90s and listened to it alot. Since I’m gathering Mayhem now I was unable to miss this classic release featuring old lineup of the band. The sound quality if close to cassette, meaning it’s crappy concert recording, but still, the music is full of hate and nostalgia for the old times.

Next in the pack was Napalm Death“Order of the Leech”. This is single release of ND on Peaceville. It sounds very chaotic and uber heavy, but still, at that time, band didn’t reach perfection of chaos featured on albums like “Time Waits for no Slave”. Still, it’s interesting to see how the band transformed from warm sounding Diatribes, to evil chaos of the last albums.

And the last but not least was Darkthrone“Soulside Journey”. I just bought it for the sake of completing Darkthrone collection. I now have totally full discopgraphy of the band and kinda proud of it! By the way, despite it being my leastВ favoriteВ album of the band, the sound is rather quality for those times, but it becomes boring very fast indeed. Now I understand the desire of the band to go their own special way and not to be like hundreds of other generally sounding death metal bands. Because if they’d stay soft those times they wouldn’t grow into the colossus they are now.

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