The new music still incoming and I cannot resist this torrent of madness. Month later than planned but I finally got latest Burzum album “Fallen”. I liked it in all aspects. It has the same sharp as axe guitar sound, trademark Varg’s vocals, which are now more varied since he now uses normal voice together with usual one. And of course amazing lyrics and that special Burzum atmosphere. Album feels fresh and strong despite being done in style of Filosofem. (To be honest, Filosofem is still fresh for me). I like that Varg is quite productive these years. Eagerly anticipating new album now!

Satyricon“Now, Diabolical”. This is album I wanted to get for quite some time now, spotted it in the store yesterday and acquired immediately. It’s proper Satyricon album, with a couple of catchy songs. As usual, technical and clean sound, not your Darkthrone sound but still attractive by its masterful execution and sheer evil seeping from the sound. Very nice album.

Six Feet Under“Death Rituals”. Since I’m in the death metal mood last several weeks, I finally decided to see what is Six Feet Under. And you know what, I really loved their last album. It’s very cool lowkey fat guitar sound. Middle speed, and just amazing vocals of Chris Barnes. This is what I call creative death metal vocals. Proper death metal from Florida!

Napalm Death“Diatribes”. After year of hunting I finally got this album. Since it was long deleted everywhere, В Earache recently reissued it in a 3CD pack with “Greed Killing” EP and “Bootlegged in Japan” live CD. Quite nice addition for the ND fan. This album is from the middle of 90s, so the band sounds quite special and attractive way for me there. This is the first album of the band I got hold of back at those times, and I played it on cassette quite a lot.

Stephen O’Malley“Salt”. Rather rare experimental CD for these days for me. But it’s classic I couldn’t miss. I had the opportunity to get this limited edition CD and I didn’t miss it. It’s quite nice guitar drone performed at Barbara Gladstone Gallery in NYC back in 2005. I wish I was there as the sound is totally alien and attractive at the same time.

Gae Bolg“Petit Traite De Gymnosophie”. Still gathering albums of this amazing french neofolk band. The melodies of this album are so catchy and powerful it made me fell in love with the band instantly. I like their grotesque style. It feels pretty much like local band NOM. Also french language adds that feel of madness. I wish they come to Moscow one day with a gig.

Gae Bolg“La Nef Des Fous I”. This is special release. All music here is performed by classical instruments, but still, it has that mad feeling about it. Some parts of the album are especially powerful when it comes to rhythms. Band grows in all directions and produces albums quite frequently, hopefully their next release will spawn soon!

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