Revelation Space

Revelation_Space.jpgI’ve finished reading this amazing book yesterday. I was impressed. And these words aren’t enough to express my feelings. This is real hard sci-fi with proper universe and quite realistic predicion of what might happen in future in terms of technology. There are no interstellar flights in a matter of days, ships are moving below the speed of light so it takes several years to reach some star. And I like that and how author embedded that fact into the story seamlessly. I won’t say more to prevent spoiling but if you like proper sci-fi you won’t be dissapointed by this book. And I must tell thanks to Shambler for showing this book to me. So, now I’m obliged to get the rest of the Revelation Space quadrilogy because I’m seriously hooked and wondering what happens next in that story. Yet as Bal said, Reynolds improved his writing style in further books which cannot be bad.

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    […] After I checked my mood on what to read next, I decided to stick to sci-fi and choose next Alastair Reynolds book – Chasm City. I was greatly impressed by the first book – Revelation Space, so I’m expecting no less interesting story from this one. […]

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