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Visions-lapse.jpgOut of sudden I’ve got 3 new cds. The first one is rather hot Janitor CD titled “Qoumran 4-ever”. This is side project of Lina Baby Doll of Deutsch Nepal and Benny Nilsen of Hazard. The music is rather interesting mix of ambient, relaxed rhythm and industrial soundscapes mixed with nice Lina’s vocals. Very immersive and quality release.

Second CD is from the canadian Cyclic Law label. This is debut CD of the project Visions with the album “Lapse”. This is true CL’s release. Dark ambient which takes you away to the endless and cold depths of space to the dimensions unknown. This CD is good for the cold winter nights, especially when you’re brave enough to gaze to the frozen starry sky through the opened window when there’s -30C outside.

And third CD is like some surprize for me because I forgot I ordered it. It must be like 2 years ago I did that and here it is. This is Dense Vision Shrine with the album “Magic & Mystery” from some obscure UK darkambient label Iris Light. Well it wasn’t dissapointing album either. Very quality dark passages with deep underground atmosphere. There are also 2 videos on the CD which are rather simple and look like slideshow but it fits to the music.

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  1. popaka Says:

    bring back the ‘now listening to’ sidebar with album covers

  2. Vondur Says:

    i’m pondering for quite some time about this thingy… not sure how to implement it yet…

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