United Colors

color.jpgSo, since I have nothing to write about, and Gom constantly persuades me to update my site, here it is, the update. This time I’ll talk about the program I use quite extensively several last months when I designed sites for myself and friends. This is Color Schemer Studio. I won’t describe it fully because all the info is on its site in the Features section. I’d point some major features. 1. The possibility to grab random colors off picture. This is needed when you what to make site’s color scheme to match palette of certain image. You just load this image and grab as much random colors off it as you wish. 2. The possibility to remember colors you work with. This is useful when you work with some scheme alot and its main colors shift somewhere as you work. But you don’t wanna abandon the color you found, so you just remember it for the later use. 3. The color wheel. This is very useful thing as it helps you to create harmonic color schemes and not only in webdesign but also in game development where I use it as well. For more information refer to the program’s site.

3 Responses to “United Colors”

  1. czg Says:

    Vondur you are advancing capitalism by talking about programs you have to pay for.

  2. Vondur Says:

    czg, there’s hidden agenda you’re unable to comprehend, sorry…

  3. popaka Says:

    lovin’ the color schemer.

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