Just felt I had to restore my habit to write about the books I read. I have finished “Ilium” by Dan Simmons recently. I didn’t know about this author at all before buying this book. I just dug through the bookstall in the shop reading annotations and one for “Ilium” hooked me. And I was not disappointed! This is great “literary sci-fi” novel featuring collapse of three dimensions: Homer’s Iliad, nearly extinct humanity still living on Earth and post-human race of robotic creatures living in Jovian space and reading Shakespeare all the time. You might think of it as someВ nonsenseВ mix, but Simmons managed to make very interesting story out of it, yet it was useful for me as I got to know Iliad much better and dusty school knowledge was renewed. So I highly recommend this book for sci-fi fans.В Being in Dan Simmons era now, I’m reading his “The Terror” at the moment. And I’d say it’s even more powerful. Will write about it more upon finishing.

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