Cleaning the old place up

The time has come to clean up my site disk and upgrade WordPress. I’m now using WP 2.0 and pretty happy with it, I’m enjoying Admin panel so far, didn’t notice anything drastically new in the mechanics but I will soon I’m sure. Also I’ve done what I wanted to do long ago: to clean my Photo Gallery. I’ve removed entire Tank Museum album due to its vainness, removed old albums that had bad image quality because they were compressed badly and albums that were generally boring and really dusty. I’m sure noone will be dissapointed because of that. If they will, well, you have to have strength to get rid of the old shit ;) Anyway, I managed to delete about 80 megs of dust and I’m happy with that.

Software bit: messing with WordPress 2 and making new theme for MPQ required webserver and database and php installed on my machine. But since I’m total noob in all these complex matters I used my trustworthy XAMPP distribution. This is the package of all necessary things to build your own fully functional server in a matter of minutes. Using it, you can tune your future site, theme, whatever you want to the state of perfection on your local machine saving time on filetransfer. Highly recommended for those who have their sites hosted remotely.

5 Responses to “Cleaning the old place up”

  1. Pauk Says:

    Thanks for the design mister! I might try out the xampp install. I had all the separate bits installed (PHP, Apache, MySQL etc) since I thats what we had to do for college. I think I might scrub it and try that for testing purposes.

    Also Gom and I were talking last night, you need to add Trackbacks to your site. Its dead easy… if you know what you’re doing! Pester Gom about it.

  2. Pauk Says:

    Oh wait you kinda have trackbacks there in the comments listing…

  3. Gom jabbar Says:

    Yeah, the link was there the whole time, it’s just hidden away.

  4. Vondur Says:

    yeah, i just don’t want alot of linkage in the post on the main page. it makes design harder to read ;)

  5. czg Says:

    Vnodur, you have become rather nerdy

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