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YouTube channel

Posted in Music on 14:15, January 27th, 2013

I’ve finally cleaned and decorated my YouTube channel where you can find videos of rotating vinyls with selected tracks recorded from them. Enjoy!

Nectars Of Tantric Murder

Posted in Music on 12:04, January 25th, 2013

Got package from the previous year finally. Ordering during x-mas/new year is a pain: shipment times stretch to ridiculous numbers like 40-50 days. Well, this is the fun part of living in the collector’s world isn’t it? The joy of receiving the package is what keeps it all interesting ;) В Anyway, the package contained mighty vinyls of australian Portal – “Swarth” and sri-lankian Genocide Shrines -“Devanation Monumentemples”. As an addition, I’ve got classic act of german dark ambient – Inade -“Audio Mythology One”В the other week. And thus ends the era of 2012 orders.





Crushed Beneath The Banner Of Baphomet

Posted in Music on 13:50, January 10th, 2013

The year of 2013 just started and my postoffice went bonkers as if someone opened huge hatch, so I’m receiving a lot of stuff I ordered previous year. I’ve finally got the mighty book of Mark Riddick art – “Compendium of Death”В two freshВ Decibel mags and 4 CDs from Dark Descent Records which are: Diocletian/Weregoat split – “Disciples Of War”, Vassafor compilation of old stuff – “Elegy of the Archeonaut” and two albums of Mitochondrion – “Archaeaeon” and “Parasignosis”. This is a properly grim start of the year!