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Musical adventures of 2012

Posted in Music on 13:13, December 29th, 2012

Despite being rather bumpy year with its lows and highs, musically, it was one of the dense years ever for me. Most important thing is of course that I’ve fully switched to vinyl and obtained around 90 records during this year. So it’ll be hard for me to select the best releases but I have to keep the tradition. I’ve discovered several bands thanks to this media and this is what makes all this vinyl business attractive. I’m still into certain neofolk bands, but metal is what matters for me these days. There are several new bands that are truly bringing new life into the genre and of course the’re labels that support these bands and makeВ beautifulВ releases which in the end makes me crave for them. So here’s the list, not in particular order, just top eleven of 2012:

Horse Latitudes – “Awakening”
Hooded Menace – “Effigies of Evil”
The Devil’s Blood – “The Thousandfold Epicentre”
Diocletian – “War of All against All”
Saturnalia Temple – “Aion of Drakon”
Witchrist – “The Grand Tormentor”
Ride for revenge – “Under The Eye”
Portal – “Outre”
Napalm Death – “Utilitarian”
Corrupted – “El mundo frio”
Wardruna – “Runaljod – Gap Var Ginnunga”

P.S. Tops of 2011 and 2010 if you’re wondering ;)

Dios De La Eterna Obscuridad

Posted in Music on 23:29, December 10th, 2012

Three months of waiting is over and almighty DuceВ has finally delivered so much desired pack of morboso metal. Alas, I was waiting В for 2 more vinyls from this delivery but fate wants me to suffer a bit more without latest Portal and Genocide Shrines vinyls. But no matter, my lust is fully satisfied with what I’ve got – this package contains 4 vinyls oozing with hatred and evil: 2 nice picture LPs of Morbosidad – “Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno” and “Cojete A Dios Por El Culo” I couldn’t miss, this also means the hunt for the rest of Morbosidad has officially started as this is the band one cannot miss. Next one is also much desired latest Ride For Revenge LP – “Under The Eye”, can’t tell how much I wanted to get this one, very special release. And last but not least is Encoffination EP – “Elegant Funerals For The Unknown Dead”. If all turns amazingly well I’ll receive one, maximum two more packages this year and this will finish vinyl race of 2012 for me. I’ll write special post with the best releases somewhere in the beginning of 2013.

Black Winds Victoryant

Posted in Music on 11:34, December 7th, 2012

The final month of this wicked year has started and it’s spotted by the grim vinyls I’m receiving from beyond. This time it’s two packages from the good old Doomentia and no less good old Peaceville mostly containing old but honored releases with the exception of Antediluvian – “Through The Cervix Of Hawaah” which is 2012 year release. The rest is Darkthrone pack of old containing black&white classics “Transilvanian Hunger”, “A Blaze In The Northern Sky” and “Under A Funeral Moon”. SUNN O))) – “Domkirke” and Vassafor with their first full length with the same name. I’m not sure which release must be the first in the list of pics, so I’m putting classic there (usually I’m placing main release of the packageВ first).