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Desolate Earth

Posted in Music on 12:22, March 30th, 2012

This week is indeed pouringВ withВ vinyls from all over the world. This final package I’ve got today from Inferna Profundus Records contains newest album of mighty Diocletian and two 7″ of Aosoth and Murmur / Nachtmystium. My ears are under heavy attack these days!

Sect Of Swords

Posted in Music on 13:40, March 28th, 2012

Just one day have passed since the celebration of the last packageВ arrivalВ and I wasВ surprisedВ to discover 3 more packs of goodness in the postbox today! This is the week of vinyl rains! Two New Zealand’s most brutal death metal bands have arrived: Witchrist and Diocletian. Two vinyls from Southern Lord: newest Earth album (second part of dilogy) and reissue of classic SUNN O))) “Г?Г? Void” album. And finally, I’ve got TGWTDT 3CD box. I wasn’t interested in the latest albums of Trent Reznor lately, but this OST proved to be worthy because it has no modern silly guitar NIN stuff, but nice atmospheric ambient tracks, some of them are in the vein of Quake which cannot be bad.

Beheaded Ouroboros

Posted in Music on 16:01, March 27th, 2012

This was the fastest delivery ever! 12 days in post from Czech Republic and I can submerge into psychedelic rhythms of swedishВ Saturnalia Temple. And I was afraid I’m gonna miss this vinyl since it’s being sold out everywhere. Long live Doomentia records and itsВ mail order! Since I buy minimum 3В recordsВ per order, the next two vinyls are ultra evil black/death band Witchrist from New Zealand, and nice doom project Ocean Chief from Sweden. Waiting for more New Zealand goodness to arrive soonish!


Posted in Music on 12:06, March 11th, 2012

AfterВ extraordinaryВ month of waiting В for this package I’ve finally received it! It turned that the last 12 days it was sitting at the local post office doing nothing. But my suffering has successfully ended and now I have these 3 cute vinyls in my iceberg cave.

Into The Deep

Posted in Music on 20:33, March 3rd, 2012

My turntable didn’t even got cold from the previous post and I discovered these two Horse Latitudes CDs in my mailbox today. What a beginning of the Spring!

Destroyer Of Thousand Worlds

Posted in Music on 13:41, March 3rd, 2012

Burning World records just smashed me with 2kilos of vinyl darkness: