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Final massive music pack of 2011

Posted in Music on 17:59, December 31st, 2011

And it’s an epic one. According to my new policy, no silly reviews, just giant covers with links to Discogs. And next update will be traditional my top ten albums of 2011.

The Wooden box

Posted in Music on 12:12, December 19th, 2011

Angelslaying Darkness

Posted in Music on 22:20, December 18th, 2011


Posted in Music on 12:12, December 12th, 2011

Hnífi í hálsi, hnífur í höfuði
HnГ­fur Г­ hrygg og hnГ­fur Г­ brjГіsti
BlГіГ°i renna, hjarta brenna

ViГ°lag – Dreptu allur

Út með auga, vörum springa
Bein bryГ°ta, andlit kremja
Tannar losna, kjöti brenna

ViГ°lag – Dreptu allur

Hnakka skola brjotna, hГЎlsikykja
Innyflins fossa, fletta haГєГ°inni
BГ­ta eyrum sundur, rifa hГЎri laust

ViГ°lag – Dreptu allur

Settu deim ГЎ staurar, lattu astvinir peirrasjГЎ
NauГ°a peim, ettu peim, lattu astvinirpeirra fa aГ°smakka
Brenndu peim, halshöggu deim, og astvinir deirra lika


Turn off your mind

Posted in Music on 0:04, December 12th, 2011

Black acid nightmare
Demons rise inside.

Acid burns your mind
You will never find
Only darkness inside
Turn, turn off your mind.

Colours die and turn to grey
All love has turned to pain.

Goddess Of The Abyss Of Graves

Posted in Music on 1:17, December 10th, 2011

So here it comes, I went mad and I stopped give a fuck to everything (like I did before this post, eh). Everything lost meaning and became totally worthless: job, life, this fuckcity I live in, even this shitty winter with its grey clouds and feeble attempts to make some proper cold. It feels like I just opened gates to Hell after all these years of coping. With all these new limited editions of vinyl that started dropping on me like some sort of Satanic hailstorm I became corrupted acolyte that obeys to orders from this rotating turntable thing. You’ll never understand me, and I don’t care, because you’ll never have a chance to listen to Archgoat on vinyl. And I tell ya, these two records obliterated the rest of the sense from my half-decayed brains. If you’re fan of Beherit, you just have to obey to Archgoat spells. It’s a wonder that I missed this band for so long. Thank goes to vinyl gods that turned me to this madness. These two albums have completely destroyed me: “Heavenly Vulva” and “The Light-Devouring Darkness”. Now I know what to do next…

And since I’ve got mountain of new records I will be physically unable to write about them in one post because I’ll get bored in the middle, so I’ll post about the rest of the stuff I’ve got later when I’ll have proper chemically imbalanced state of mind…
Also, I got bored of my site after several years of no changing its design, If I’ll have inspiration I’ll completely turn it inside out during New Year holidays and will change it to bigger pics of releases I’m getting and less words from me (noone reads this shit anyway), etc. And today I’ll start with huge pics of albums I’m writing about (Archgoat deserves it!).