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Autumn Twilight is finally here

Posted in Music on 0:42, September 12th, 2011

After several months of suffering from the heat, dust, sweat, constant hatred towards the sunny weather and the horrible city I live in, the autumn has arrived, bringing cool winds, rains, twilight, early nights and of course proper music to keep moods in that special autumnal state of mind. Today I’ve got big package containing 12 CDs of pretty various music. I’ll start from the most peculiar one (at least the one I know what to expect from). By the way, I’m writing these reviews in realtime as I listen to the music for the first time. That’s little remark for my 3 readers (I’m now sure there’re 3, no less).

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand & Aluk Todolo – This untitled album opens new era of one of my favourite bands. This time it’s total psychedelic rock very suitable for weed parties somewhere in the woods. 4 10min long tracks of shroomy trips. Definitely the album to be aired next summer all night long when I’ll spend my short weekends being out of the city in the woods.

Abruptum“Potestates Apocalypsis”. В This album popped up quite unexpected. I thought Abruptum ceased to be long ago. But interwebs brought good news that there’s new release of this darkest band. This time it’s not that absolutely hellish pseudo-metal music. I’d say it’s proper noise with elements of dark ambient. Absolutely out of hinges release, with alot of war samples, making it look as soundrack of war.

Runemagick“Requiem of the Apocalypse”, “Darkness Death Doom”, “Dawn of the End”, “The Northern Lights”. I don’t remember where I discovered this band. And you will not believe, but I even forgot that I ordered 4 CDs of it! I’ve got 4 cds of it today, looks like I was really hypnotized by their samples back in spring when I found them. And looks like I wasn’t mistaken, because I’m now listening to all these album and drooling all over. Because it’s so cool doom metal, with nice gloomy atmosphere and that special hint of underground sound. All 4 cds are great. I especially liked 37minute monster of a track on Darkness Death Doom 2nd cd entitled Pentagram. All in all, really worthy band, and I think I’ll try hunting for the rest of their albums.

Yob“The Great Cessation”. Quite epic sounding american doom metal band. Spotted them while ago on some doom metal blog I don’t remember. This album turned to be proper doom without excuses. Still, the rule of american band applies here. Nothing special, yet this is quality sounding material. Proper american bands could be counted byfingers on one hand, I’d say ;)

Church of Misery“Houses of the Unholy”. Japanese В doom of interesting nature. It has some Cathedral hints, but it sounds more modern and more to funky rock side. It’s weird mix, but still interesting. I will not fall in love with it, but it’s good addition to my doom collection.

Genocide Organ“Under – Kontrakt”. Newest album from these German sound extremists still keeps their proper trademark. Music of protest as it is. Merciless and sharp as razor. This is the only power electronics act that I’m still listening to lately.

Ke/Hil“Hellstation”. Collaboration of two German industrial musicians. It’s interesting drone/noise album, submerging into the industrial area sometimes. В Sometimes it sounds too synthetic though. It’s weird kaleidoscope if noises. Not sure why I ordered it, probably was in those rare industrial moods back at that time.

Art Abscons“Der Verborgene Gott”. Very nice dark folk from germany. I’m still in that darkfolk supporting mood lately. Where calm nice melodies work together with calm german vocals creating nice atmosphere of old Europe. Some tracks are really hypnotizing with their calmness. Very nice band.

Oak Folk. Very nice compilation of German dark folk organized by none other than Gerhard Hallstatt. Nice gathering of leading dark folk musicians there. Do not miss it if you’re into this genre. Most of all I liked Allerseelen (obviously) and my favourite german folk band at the moment – Dannagoischd.

Surface Detail

Posted in Books on 18:46, September 1st, 2011

Just finished latest Culture book of Iain Banks – “Surface Detail”. It was a nice trip. It’s one of those classic Culture novels featuring proper spacebattles with level eight tech, complex conspiracy, new and obscureВ civilizations and even interesting idea of virtuality. One of the rare books which you don’t want to end. I liked its multilayered beginning, layers of which are of course connecting and merging together in book’s climax causing nice ending. If you’re fan of Culture series, grab it!