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Orbital Movement

Posted in Music on 17:21, August 8th, 2011

Small pack of metal and one dark ambient gem have arrived into my depot of gloom. Inade “Antimimon Pneumatos” is long awaited new album of my favorite masters of dark ambient from Germany. It comes in a huge box with t-shirt which I now wear proudly. The music itself is still the same Inade one is expecting from them. Spacious, with alot of layers and details. The music that suits for the dark and chill august night when the stars are visible. Especially if you’re in the forest. Gonna test this CD in these conditions soon!

From the metal pack main CD is Demonaz“March Of The Norse”. This is interesting release, as it features Demonaz, one of the main guys of Immortal who was writing this album for like 10 years. The music sounds very oldskool, sometimes reminding Bathory by viking atmosphere. Very northern sounding album. Recommended to everyone who’s into metal. I consider it classic and not to be missed release.

My hunt for all Napalm Death albums still goes on, and this time i got “The Code is Red….Long Live The Code” into my trap. Quite cool album, recorded relatively recently it already brings new sound of ND – total chaos, but controlled one. It’s like hellhound on a leash. I like slow bits there especially (well i like slow metal more than fast one), mixed properly with ultra fast chaotic metal makes it nice grindcore release with provoking lyrics.

Samael“Lux Mundi”. I bought this CD only because I was on Samael show promoting it. The show was quite groovy if you could say that about metal. Energetic and rhythmic. Despite band usage of drum computer they still make appealing kind of high quality metal. Technical and sinister it’s quite attractive to listen to in certain mood.