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Posted in Music on 13:27, July 15th, 2011

Last month was quite stressful for me in all possible aspects. Above it all summer delivers quality heat as well, adding more suffering for my poor soul and body. To survive this, I need some dark music to compensate devastating sunlight pouring all over the place. I’ve got little pack of 4 CDs today including: Lustmord“Songs of Gods and Demons”. This is a collection of old works. Some of them weren’t released, others are remixes of existing tracks. Rather nice pack of tracks from myВ favoriteВ dark ambient man. Can’t miss it if you’re fan of B.

Next is Control“Deadly Sins”. Another quality industrial release from Thomas Garrison. Seven sins represented in mind destroying power electronics. Music gives an idea of what actually sin is, so you better behave and be righteous, otherwise you’ll listen to this album for ever, boiling in lava somewhere in outer reaches of Hell.

Der Blutharsch & Deutsch Nepal“ApГ¶calyptic ClimГ¤x 2”. This release spawned suddenly and unexpected. It sounds very oldskool. Reminded me old В DB and DN albums which is of course good. Very meditative and ritual sounding tracks where old Deutsch Nepal ambient tracks are mixed with В Albin Julius industrial treatment. Some tracks are pure dark ambient, others – distant sounding military industrial. Nice nostalgic sounding album.

Down in June“Covers… Death In June”. I had to get this CD while ago to be honest. It’s very quality covers of DI6 done by previously unknown to me swedish people. Some digging revealed that they’re busy with their main project Baby Blonde & The Downs. Will investigate that act later. As for this album, very nice covers indeed. Old tracks sound fresh and interesting. Recommended for DI6 fans.