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Posted in Music on 12:02, June 16th, 2011

I’ve finally got so much anticipated package form Peaceville today! It was late for 1 week and I started worrying where the hell it is. But all nervousness is gone and I’m now submerged into the dark atmospheres of the latest My Dying Bride experiment called Evinta. This is epic 3xCD limited edition 12″ box featuring interesting rearrangements of their past music in classic/ambient style. Featuring keyboardist from Bal-Sagoth and professional female opera singer from France. I always liked MDB for being the band that is never afraid to experiment. Even having troubles with lineup during last years they always succeed. The idea of this album released properly, one can barely recognize old tracks in this ambient atmosphere, but it’s there, and when you solve the puzzle of what track it is, there’s joy. Quite solid work, no wonder it took 15 years to make, I’m happy I managed to snatch limited edition.