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Rubbish CG 202

Posted in Music on 11:24, May 19th, 2011

Just clarifying for my 2 readers that I’m now using random track titles from the albums for my silly micro review posts as I’m out of ideas for them for quite some time now. This time it’s from the newest Gallhammer album “The End” that was released 9th May on Peaceville and which I happily discovered in my mailbox on the way to work. The band reduced to duo on this album as one girl left this awesome japanese band to concentrate on her other project. Despite the band has less girls now the music didn’t become less dark.В It’s even more raw and primitive now with the sameВ psychedelicВ touch and nice lo-fi sound. Proper dark rock!

Second CD that didn’t get to last update but was hastily obtained after I became fanatic of Triptykon is “Shatter” EP. It features 2 full tracks which are continuation of the main album. There’re also 2 live tracks one of which features vocals of Nocturno Culto. Rather nice little gem of an EP.

Pilgrim of the Occult

Posted in Music on 16:08, May 12th, 2011

Got little package from PHD today and inside were 3 CDS: first two areВ Sarke“Vorunah” and “Oldarhian”. I liked Sarke after the first time I listened to them on their myspace. It’s very close to Darkthrone in sound, though it’s a bit more clean and melodic. Of course, a lot of Darkthrone feel comes from Nocturno Culto vocals. The music is mostly calm in pace, some tracks even have somewhat extensive use of synth, but this doesn’t make Sarke sound mellow. I’d say second album (“Oldarhian”) is more varied because there’re more musicians involved, and still it carries that nice sharp feel of the first album. Very nice new band on the black metal scene!

And third CD is split of В Fenriz’ Red Planet and Nattefrost titled “Engangsgrill”. It features old tracks Fenriz recorded for his solo doom metal project Red Planet. It very much reminds forst album of Isengard – “Vinterskugge”, same sounding music and vocals. But on this album it feels more like old rock indeed. Second part is performed by Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest, that’s more punkish metal. Overall CD leaves mixed feelings as it consists of some old junk tracks of aforementioned bands hence it’s not polished nor stylish. But it’s still interesting as it reflects obscure sides of artists presented here.