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Black Masses

Posted in Music on 14:30, January 31st, 2011

I’ve finally didn’t forget to order the latest album “Black Masses” of Electric Wizard from Rise Above, and got it in my postbox 10 days later. Why didn’t I do it back in November? Anyway, this latest album is a step forward for the band. The sound isn’t more evil or harsh but rather more atmospheric. With trademark Jus’В wailingВ vocals somewhere behind. And of course someВ psychedelicВ guitar trips here and there. The music sounds kinda raw and in vein of the old horror movies that inspired it. All in all, it’s proper satanic heavy rock album.

Starting another year

Posted in Music on 13:47, January 20th, 2011

This kinda late post gonna resume 2010 with the best music releases I’ve got during this year. It was quite a number of releases and there was alot of remarkable ones. Here we go:

  • Napalm Death – “Time Waits for No Slave”. 2010 was a year of rediscovering ND for me. It all started with going to their show in March. I was completely smashed by it in a positive way. This album is their peak I think. The most technical and chaotic from the rest of discography.
  • Naevus – “Relatively close to the Sea”. I discovered this band myself this year. Was browsing catalogues and spotted it and decided to try and fell in love instantly. Proper rock with interesting lyrics hooked me.
  • Burzum – “Belus”. The return of Burzum was one of the major events last year. Everyone was eager to hear his last work and for me it turned to be pretty much what I expected. Even more delicate and deep than his previous releases.
  • Beherit – “Engram”. My favourite metal release at the moment. This oldВ FinnishВ band went to explore new regions of metal by mixing it with some sort of dub. It turned to be very attractive for me. Can’t wait for the next album.
  • Eardelete – “Zombielogy”. ThisВ CzechВ act was in my playlist good portion of time. Good sounding guitars andВ humorВ of this band makes me want to listen to them all the time. Still in search of their newest album “Scalpeology”.
  • Derniere Volonte – “Immortel”. This is not Derniere everyone knew. They completely changed with this release and I think for ever. They’re now more pop than some pop bands, but they’re still innovative and attractive. I very much like the way they took to grow and can’t wait for the next album.
  • Cathedral – “Guessing Game”. With this album Cathedral showed they’re still there and making proper doom metal. Fresh sounds and ideas are scattered through the album making me want to listen it frequently.

Gaming life

Posted in Games on 11:51, January 20th, 2011

As you probably have noticed I’ve vanished from this site since early december and there’s the reason to it: Cataclysm. Plus incoming x-mass added some more fun on Steam and I’ve bought megatons of games during this period. I wish I can clone myself to be able to play them all now. But of course major reason of me being absent here is WoW. Since I’m not in even more serious raiding guild I took leveling and preparing for raiding very seriously this time so I was totally consumed by the game entire december and early January. Now, when things have settled a bit I can look outside this game. Our guild have cleared all raid instances already and we started working on heroic modes. This is more steady and long standing task which will take a while. As for the Cataclysm itself, Blizzard pulled WoW another step up. They improved rendering a bit (of course not dramatically, but those cosmetics they’ve added refreshed the game a bit), made bosses more tough if to compare them with WotLK expansion. Main thing I think is that they made some really challenging content at start there, even 5 man dungeons aren’t that easy as they used to be in previous addon. So as you can see I’m still in this game and kicking.

From the games I got on Steam during sales I got hooked by Railworks 2 and Greed Corp. Railworks 2 is very nicely done rail simulator whichВ satisfiedВ my old need of driving diesel locomotives. Locomotive models are pretty precise and gameplay itself is proper simulator with some tasks taking more than 2 hours of driving train and managing it. There’s alot of addons and one can basically submerge oneself there in this railroad world.