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+30C and keeping it

Posted in Music on 13:42, July 5th, 2010

This is 3rd week of severe heat here in the middle of Russia with constant +30-32C oven and little wind. I’m missing autumn already. To sustain ability to keep sane I need some fresh music injections (daily). This time it’s pack of Napalm Death and some other tasty things.

Napalm Death – “Inside the Torn Apart” and “Words From The Exit Wound”. These two albums are in vein of much needed by me “Diatribes”. It has that special atmosphere of metal of the middle of 90s. Listening to it drags me back in time when this music was considered pretty brutal. But if to compare these albums with the last two ND releases you’ll see the difference. Still, catchy rhythms and heaviness are there so it’s proper Napalm Death of their most mellow era.

Napalm Death – “Fear, Emptiness, Despair”. This album was released before those two above, the production quality is considerably lower, the sound is hollower and not so thick. Still, it’s awesome ND release and of course it helps too to survive this heat. Anything would help actually.

Graumahd – “Cheru”. Very atmospheric and nice neofolk. It’s mostly guitar and vocals with little injections of drums here and there. Still it brings nice german folk atmosphere.

Sleep – “Sleep’s Holy Mountain”. Stoner rock originators at their best. I was hunting for this CD for like an eternity. Was able to get this reissue only. This is quite stylish CD, it oozes with 70s, it’s heavy and indeed filled with smoke. Very nice early doom sound.

Apoptose – “Bannwald”. Top notch ambient with folk touches. Awesome artork of the sleeve adds more impression and tunes for proper wave when listening to it. The album dedicated to two girls lost in the forest. Cool mix of chilly ambient with field recordings of the woods and female voiced folkish songs. Very well done album.

Pic update

Posted in Photo on 11:51, July 5th, 2010

So, here goes another picture update. These are two considerably ok pictures I took last weekend. I’m very happy with my camera, I always have an urge to make pics with it, yet I’m still learning it, so I hope with time the images will be a bit better and less Photoshop would be applied ;)

This panorama below was created with new feature implemented in the camera called Sweep Panorama. You just hold it and rotate your torso 90 degrees from left to right and camera makes nonstop shooting while you’re rotating. Here’s the result. I’m sure I can make it better by adjusting everything manually. But let’s start with auto mode ok? Click on it to see in a bit bigger size.

Changing gear

Posted in Photo on 11:49, July 2nd, 2010

After 4 years of weak usage I finally sold my Nikon D80. I never really liked this camera due to alot of reasons: it’s big and heavy and I never really liked images it produces. Yes they were sharp and all, but there was no that finish which I so liked in my old Sony 717. So as you can see I stopped putting images here on my site just because I never was truly satisfied with them. Maybe I’m just too lame for that camera, and maybe I had to edit them in Photoshop for the release, but it turned that I’m too weak for it and not so dedicated. So, the decision came after the year of pondering and I finally sold it on auction for quite ok price. And I wasn’t even sure with what camera I’m gonna replace it.

During the week of selling process I started digging for the new camera. And to my surprise I found very new one from Sony – NEX-5. Whole idea if this camera repeats my old Sony 717: tilting screen (quite big and sharp now), live view, etc. But adds another new cool features like HDTV movie and replaceable lenses. So my soul was sold instantly and I started to wait for it to appear on sale, and bought it the week it started to be available. I hope I’ll return to my humble photo hobby with it because it’s small and comfy and produces great pictures. Here are two silly images I took today when going to work.