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I’ve been looking for grindcore…

Posted in Music on 17:54, March 27th, 2010

And I’ve found plenty at yesterday’s Napalm Death show! They’re on their Russian tour presenting their newest album “Time waits for no slave”. I’d say that gig was one of the best I ever attended. Good metalhead atmosphere, proper mosh near the stage including stagediving and other funny things. Even girls were stagediving! This whole gig showed that good metal shows are still there and people greatly enjoying them. Napalm Death performed perfectly with funny remarks from Barney between the songs. And of course the famous 1 second track “You suffer” was performed with the speech before it explaining its lyrics :) British sense of humour is always top notch. В I’ve also bought two CDs, “Time waits for no slave” and “Smear Campaign”. So, for now all my grindcore needs are fully satisfied and I can live till the next gig which is probably gonna be Immortal in the end of April.
Darkside site have posted bunch of pics from the gig, and I spotted myself there, the dude in the red circle. As you can see it was pretty intense there ;)

Rare music update

Posted in Music on 12:55, March 24th, 2010

Spring is trying to come but fails, winter still holding this country pouring snow and torturing feeble and pale citizens with -16C frosts. During this harsh period only thing that is able to keep my spirit above the level zero is, if course, music. Since customs and post work awfully bad last months, I get all music with unspeakable delays and with small doses. Here’s some tasty stuff I’ve got recently, my mood is improved once again.

Wolfskin + Objekt4 – “The Hidden Fortress: The Revisitation”. This is one of my favourite dark ambient acts. I was hunting CD for quite sime time now and finally here it is: fat dark ambient from the master. Underground darkness dominates all over the album, there’re also remixes by Objekt4 of some tracks which sound different making all this dark ambient business sound different.

O Paradis“Las Nubes gue Mueren”. Sometimes my mood craves for the proper calm music, and there’s number of bands that do it properly and with special edge. O Paradis is one of them. Spanish language and post industrial music makes perfect blend. Good fact is that there’re 2 CDs of this which makes this album frequent guest in my playlist.

Wach“Experimentum Solaris”. This one fell on me unexpectedly. The man who delivers music to me recommended it, i dug into interweb to investigate and found out that this one is quite peculiar project. So I’ve bought this CD. This is quite solid dark ambient release with space-industrial theme. Track titles like “Nostromo” or “Destroyer of Worlds” might give you a hint what kind of theme this ambient is.

Hyios“Consuetudines”. This is another album that I was recommended. After hearing it on project’ myspace I instantly loved it so I bought the CD. This is one of my fave kinds of darkambient: underground ritual. This is kind of ambient that submerges you deep under the mountains into the prehistoric caves where no man lived.

Der Blutharsch“Flying High”. Finally got this album! Well Der Blutharsch still exploring psychodelic rock area and do that properly. There are as quite long “trip” tracks, as quite rhythmic ones that indeed are groovy and with that special Der Blutharsch touch I like a lot.

Der Blutharsch“Everything is allright!”. This one is a compilation form various vinyls, compilations and rare releases gathered on one CD for the people without turntable. Nice collection of rare tracks for the fan of the band what else to say.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio“Onani”. I was never big fan of ORE. I only have their old CD “Reaping the fallen..” which is kinda more albient rather than neofolk. But I’ve been told many times that last 2 CDs of ORE are quite nice and I ought to try them. Last drop was my gf who said he liked it. So here it is, I’ve bought latest CD and I like it. Calm melodies with sexy vocals of Tomas Petersson and overall sexiness of this release make it quite attractive. I now think to obtain previous album “Apocalips” which is also highly rated among my friends.